Today is officially Henry Church day across the world. Joseph Chilliams has delivered on the promise after a long wait, and there is no disappointment here. With production from mostly from the man himself, Chilliams enlists Chad, Corey Grindberg, Sen Morimoto, Phoelix, Dae Dae, and fellow Pivot Gang/ brother Saba to create a mix of pillowy dream like beats and hard hitting neck breakers. Features include Saba, Sen Morimoto, Kiara Lanier, Add-2, Kevo B, DinnerwithJohn, No Name, Supa Bwe, Mfn Melo, Raych, and Jamila Woods. There’s a for the birds argument to be made, and in some ways it’s a part of the project, that some things are not always as they appear— Joseph Chilliams’ uniqueness, be it the hip thrusts, Fergie obsession, or team members that might in contrast hold the persona of “the straight man” in comedy terms, certainly are all present on Henry Church—- but while all that is there at face value, Henry Church isn’t all fun and games, meaning this shit is not for play. Some people just have a unique world view, few people can articulate that world view, let alone through Hip-Hop— those who can though are some of the best emcees alive (no pressure Joe). I know the blog writers go to will be to mention how they didn’t see the depth in the Jamila Woods assisted “Shake My Ass” coming— because it’s deep and quality as fuck. The eulogizing / celebration of the late Dinnerwithjohn, Brother Mike, and many more people missed from Joseph’s life are all felt. Thats not to say that sadness and poignancy cast a shadow over the album that looms so large that theres no room for fun. It’s a Joseph Chilliams album for gods sakes and theres just so much to enjoy here, it’s a celebration damn it, Henry Church. Bravo.