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thrtysmthng comes at our necks with a new 9 track project entitled Adult Contemporary Juke Music Vol. 1. The strictly instrumentals composition is anything but standard fare as it delves into experimental stylings for essential mood listening. Certainly the title might confuse some, as you might not find yourself at a party pinned against a wall, getting danced on to one of these tracks, instead these rhythms and unconventional patterns found on tracks like “Patiently Trending” are for the meditative and zoners-out. Although depending on what kinda crowd your rocking with tracks like “Westside Patois” and “From Oak Street to Oaksterdam” have move-your-body affectations.  thrtysmthng is a Chicago native now living in Maryland and this is his debut project, which we find really strong. We believe he puts his project in the best frame of reference:

“There are ALOT of producers who I’ve admired from a far for years and a lot of people I know personally who inspired me to create this. The two I’d like to thank the most are no longer with us, DJ Tapedek and DJ Rashad. This project is really me creating what their work inspired. One is known outside of Chicago for dope (sample based) juke shit, the other is remembered among a section of the Chicago Hip Hop community for experimenting with boombap and using unorthodox means to create art (Playstation 1 for instance). Both really loved Chicago Hip Hop and you hear in in their music. This album is dedicated to them.”

If you dig sounds that are a bit darker, if you need a break from conventional breaks, and if you’re down for an experience Adult Contemporary Juke Music Vol. 1 is def something you need to get yourself familiar with. Its a clear work of passion and you can feel thrtysmthng going in on these beats. Fuck with it, get busy!